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Steel framing is used in most office and apartment construction, and it has several advantages over wood. Steel studs are perfectly straight, don’t shrink or split and are easy to store.


Metal studs are used extensively in the commercial building industry, but they offer some distinct benefits for residential construction as well. Typically limited to the framing of nonstructural, or partition, walls, metal studs don’t rot or warp, and they’re impervious to insect damage. Metal studs are straight, they don’t burn and they come in uniform sizes, eliminating the need to shim the studs to create even walls. They’re lightweight and installation is relatively simple, although building a wall with metal studs requires a few special tools.


At Tripodi Associates we install light duty metal framing. Our experienced carpenters have the latest equipment and tools to help keep the job running on time.

Our company uses its long standing presence in the construction industry to provide a reliable and knowledgeable resource to our clients with design and coordination challenges.


We provide references upon request.



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